2023  06


Pop-Up Ausstellung in der Akademie Galerie Nürnberg | 19. 06. 2023
In Kooperation mit Klasse Baranowsky & University of the Arts Helsinki
Konzeption: Heike Baranowsky, Frank Brümmel, Katja Eydel & Florin Weber
Gefördert durch Leonardo – Zentrum für Kreativität und Innovation

The exhibition is a cooperation between the Academy of Fine Arts in Nürnberg and
the Sculpture Department of the University of the Arts Helsinki.
The works shown emerged during the last few days of exchange, exploration and

Students from Helsinki and Nürnberg connected in Nürnberg, dealing with a variety of
topics such as sustainability, eco-politics, connections between space and time and
trying to find possibilities of approaching the difficult heritage, especially the Nazi
Party Rally Grounds in Nürnberg. We visited sights in the city where history and pre-
sent merge and disected the layers of the places, continually reflecting Nürnberg and
our position within it‘s architecture.

How do we deal with the heritage?
How is history told?
Who has the power to decide how it is told?
How do we remember?
What perspective do we assume?
How do we talk about it?
Is there space to talk about it?
Who is taking part in the discussion?
Who is included, who is excluded?

Last year in May, Students from the classes of Katja Eydel and Heike Baranowsky,
Academy of Fine Arts in Nürnberg went travelling in slow motion as sustainable as
possible to Helsinki. We went on a journey, dealing with eco-politics in seminars via
Zoom and setting our bodies in motion on a ferry, reading the Mushroom at the End
of the World to finally drop off delayed at Helsinki. There, we met in real life to
gather and discuss, while putting together an exhibition.

This is a continuation.

With works by Hanna Christa, Lennart Creutzburg, Ulf Herold, Jason Hess, Kira Krüger, Tuomas Lehtomaa, Emily Meyer, Heini Nieminen, Priss Niinikoski, Kate Ruck, Petra Vehviläinen

Ausstellungsansichten © Jason Hess, 2023